Which dog benefits from massage? The young or old?

All dogs regardless of age or breed benefit from being massaged. Like us, dogs are emotional creatures too. They have thoughts and feelings. They experience pain, depression, and anxiety. Massage enhances the physical, mental and emotional well being of the dog.

Massage has been shown to lower the body’s production of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ and boost the production of serotonin and endorphins – the feel good hormone

There are numerous benefits to massage:

  • Improves and increases blood and lymphatic circulation to the muscles
  • Improves the immune system
  • Helps eliminate toxins
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Eases pain and soreness
  • Promotes quicker healing from injury and post surgery
  • Exercises weak, tight or wasted muscles
  • Calms the nervous and anxious dog
  • Improves skin and coat

Another important benefit is that regular massage is a way to maintain an ongoing assessment of your dog. You will know how your dog’s body feels and responds to your touch. You become more aware of any unfamiliar lumps, shape, texture, heat or reaction to your touch. This may be a reason to pay closer attention and possibly seek your vet’s guidance.

For puppies:

A study done on puppies comparing those that received some form of touch and those without showed clear differences in physical and emotional development. Those deprived of touch had smaller statures, they were weaker, they had reduced socialization skills and depressed immune systems which made them more susceptible to disease and injuries.

Another important benefit of massage for puppies is getting them used to being handled. Massaging from head to toe, feeling the paw pads and in between digits makes it easier for them to be handled by a vet or groomer as they will be used to being touched.

For senior dogs:

For senior dogs who have reduced mobility, the pushing and pulling of skin and muscles and the moving of the limbs in passive range of motion, is another form of exercise. It develops dog’s muscle tone and can increase the depth and rate of respiration.

Do you know that one study has shown that the increased circulation that a dog’s body receives during a full body massage session is equivalent to about half an hour of leisurely walk? Hence it is excellent for dogs who are recovering from surgery, senior dogs, or dogs that can’t go out as much. Massage also reduces joint pain, stiffness and muscle soreness all of which are associated with aging.

Massage indeed affects the body, mind and spirit. It can restore, maintain and enhance the dog’s overall well-being. So call us for an appointment +65 96183554 or email us pawsfurlife@yahoo.com and let your dog experience this wonderful natural healing touch.

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