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Only fresh premium ingredients

All our meals and treats are made with 100% human grade premium ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial flavouring and no colouring. 

Why we use human grade ingredients?

Regulations for what is acceptable for food varies drastically for pets from what is acceptable for humans. For example, in pet foods that are not labelled as “Human grade”, the meat is from left over pieces of the animal. Even meat from animals that are already dead or from diseased animals can be used for your pet’s food. We only use premium human grade ingredients in all our treats, that we would love to eat ourselves!

Why we use organic?

Organic foods are grown without or with minimum use of pesticides. Pesticides have been shown to contaminate the food that we eat and may cause cancer. On the average, organic foods have been shown to contain more vitamins and minerals, and more antioxidants. This is one reason why we use organic ingredients in most of our treats.

Remember: Healthy Dog = Happy Dog = Happy You!