Not all proteins are created equal!

Dogs are carnivores and need proteins to thrive. When you look at the guaranteed analysis on the dog food label, it may say 30 percent (or more) protein but protein can be made from many things. This also does not indicate the quality or digestibility of the protein for your dogs. Do you know that the protein may come from an animal’s hooves or bird beaks? Gluten is pure wheat protein and not meat protein and gluten included in diets allows pet manufacturers to pump up the protein level without adding meat. In the massive pet food recall in the United States in 2007, manufacturers added melamine, a cheap filler that still qualifies as protein. As a result, hundreds of pets died or fell sick due to the tainted pet food. Corn is another common ingredient used in dog food. It is much cheaper than chicken or beef and can provide protein but your dog’s digestive system can only absorb about 54% of the protein in corn. Dogs are able to absorb protein from animal sources better than from plant sources. The next time you buy dog food, look for two or three named meat as the first five ingredients, e.g. chicken, beef, duck, lamb.

At Paws Fur Life, all our recipes start with 100% human grade meat and wholesome ingredients. We do not use any wheat or corn in our treats and meals. We use organic vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, potatoes and kale. Our best-selling barkbones for example contains more than 60% meat. Our meatloaf is made only from fresh meat and organic vegetables and is 100% grain free.  We take pride in the freshness and quality of our ingredients to provide you with the healthiest food for dogs possible. Each and every one of our product is made without by products, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is fit for human consumption too. If we can’t eat it, neither can our dogs.

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