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Paws Fur Life No Pull Large Dog Harness


As dog owners ourselves, we wanted to design a harness that would make going for walks easy and relaxing for you and your dog. This large harness is lightweight, easy to put on and comfortable for your dog. The harness comes with a quick snap buckle in front so you can place the harness and buckle round the neck first, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off. Carefully designed to minimize pulling, it features a metal D-ring on both the chest and back allowing you to have better control of your dog. Thanks to the breathable and lightweight padding, it keeps your dog cool and comfy even on hot humid days. With its bright colour, super comfy yet functional design and heavy-duty construction, this large dog harness will keep your dog happy and safe during their walks.

Main Features:

  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made using high-quality soft Oxford material, this harness for large dogs is durable and lightweight. It has a strong metal D-ring at the back and front of the harness to attach to the leash along with heavy duty buckles to prevent any tearing or breaking.  With a soft filling and padded handles, this front point and back point dog harness provides unmatched comfort for both your pet and you


  • EASY ON & EASY OFF: The heavy duty quick snap lockable buckle in the front allows you to place the harness easily on your dog without slipping it through the head. Your dog will feel more comfortable when you put the harness on and take it off. It has a comfort padding at the belly to help absorb jerks and reduce strain on your dog’s body. NO MORE PULLING OR CHOKING: Thanks to the strong metal D-ring on the back and front of the harness, it allows you to guide your dog while minimizing leash pulling. This also prevents choking and reduces the stress on your dog’s neck to make walks with your dog more enjoyable than ever before


  • REFLECTIVE STITCHING FOR EASY VISIBILITY:  The reflective stitching around the harness increases visibility even in the dark to make night time walks safer. The breathability and softness of the material prevents irritation to your dog’s coat and skin and provides maximum comfort even on the hottest days.


  • EASY TO CLEAN & ADJUSTABLE: With 3 adjustable buckles, this harness can be used on a wide variety of large dog breeds to provide a comfy and snug fit. This harness is easy to clean as it is machine washable and quick drying.


Size: Large only