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LumaSoothe 2 Light Therapy for Pets


LumaSoothe 2 is a home use, non-invasive, low level light therapy (LLLT) treatment device for canine, feline and all other pets!

Offering comprehensive light therapy in one convenient device. LumaSoothe 2’s unique design combines 5 Wavelengths of light therapy into one treatment head with two distinct treatment modes.

Light Therapy gives pets pain relief from deep joint & muscle related conditions while also treating your pet’s skin & hair conditions.

Simply put, LumaSoothe 2 is the most comprehensive home care therapy product for your pets! 


RELIABLE THERAPY DEVICE FOR YOUR PETS: LumaSoothe 2 is a home-use healing light therapy device for your pet. Includes 2 powerful photonic Light Therapy Modes for deep pain treatments and skin surface treatment. A safer alternative to Laser Light Therapy devices.

DEEP TREATMENT MODE BENEFITS: The deep tissue module relieves symptoms of your pet’s back pain, knee pain, as well as other causes of deep joint & muscle pain. Increased circulation to reduce inflammation of joints and promotes healing.

SURFACE TREATMENT MODE BENEFITS: This mode uses light therapy to treat and soothe your pet’s skin conditions to promote healthy skin. It aids in healing post-surgery wounds, Hot Spots, other skin problems and promotes hair growth.

SIMPLE, PORTABLE, AND EASY TO USE: Place head of device on the area to be treated. Press start button to begin 15-minute treatment. Device turns off automatically when finished.