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Organic YinYang Bone Broth (with Shitake Mushrooms)


Our Organic YinYang bone broth combines the goodness of bone broth and nutritive herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide a truly wholesome and nutritious boost to your pet’s diet. Ginger is a warming herb (yang) while shitake mushrooms and celery provide the cooling (yin) element.

Shitake mushrooms also help to support liver and kidney function and nourish the digestive system. Parsley is packed with chlorophyll and is a powerful blood tonic in TCM.

Add a cube or two of this bone broth to supplement your pet’s food daily, use it to rehydrate freeze dried food or simply serve it on its own.

Ingredients: Pork bones or Beef bones, filtered water, organic shitake mushrooms, organic parsley, organic celery, organic ginger, raw organic apple cider vinegar

250ml/packet (frozen)

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