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LickiMat Slomo


An extremely feature-rich yet simple design the LickiMat Slomo provides lots of fun pet interaction. With a unique design perfect for encouraging loads of lickable fun, ideal for use with wet and dry food particularly soft or dry kibble to slow down eating. Made from premium quality non-toxic food grade TPR it ensures a lasting, hygienic and pet-safe design, suitable for all cats and dogs as well as being freezer safe. It features two different lickable surface designs to provide texture variation, great for use with a combination of treats, kibble and wet food. 

Recommended by vets and animal behaviourists worldwide the LickiMat Slomo Feeder Mat provides an array of health benefits to your dog or cat not only helping to keep them mentally stimulated and encourage healthy activity but also helping to improve their general health and wellbeing promoting fresh breath, aiding digestion, improving dental health and hygiene, slowing down eating, aiding anxiety and helping to improve feelings of stress, anxiety or loneliness.


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